Time Of Agreement


    The principal amount may be paid at any time, in whole or in part, upon payment of an additional (number of months) of monthly interest as a fine and compensation for this advance payment. From time to time, licensees will have clients willing to think about another compensation for the property. Land, Time Shares, vehicles, boats and jewelry can be offered and considered. Licensees should treat such offers with the same precautions or qualifications as traditional transactions and with additional considerations, depending on the type of commercially available real estate. where a date is fixed by the contract or can be determined outside the Treaty, on that date; Subject to the conclusion of an unconditional agreement of the buyer on the sale of the buyer`s property to (address) on or before (date). However, the seller (choose “at any time” or “after receipt of another acceptable offer”) may send written notice to the buyer* or (name of its representing real estate entity) request the buyer to withdraw all terms of the contract within a period (number) of hours** after service of the notice, without Sundays or public holidays. If the buyer does not withdraw all the conditions before the expiry of the notice period, the contract expires. This condition is to the exclusive advantage of the buyer. The licensee should allow time for the seller on the contract in order to make the documents available to the buyer and give the buyer time to verify them. Although the seller may not remember the existence of a sublease agreement, the sublease information may be included in the sales agreement made when the seller purchased the Strata land. If the rental agreement and sublease information is not available, the seller must rely on Form B to indicate that there is likely a lease/sublease agreement. However, in the absence of accurate information about the sublease and, in particular, about the rented car park/warehouse, the seller is not able to provide the buyer with definitive information about the buyer`s ability to use the parking/storage cabinet, with the exception of the information contained in Form B.