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    The four agreements published in 1997; It has been a New York Times bestseller for over a decade. Other books followed: The Mastery of Love, The Voice of Knowledge, The Circle of Fire, The Four Agreements Companion Book and The Fifth Agreement, a collaboration with his son Don José. All his books are international bestsellers. [3] His Toltec Art of Life and Death was released in late 2015. [4] You need a very strong will to adopt the Four Agreements, but if you can start living your life with these agreements, the transformation in your life will be staggering. You will see the drama of hell disappear before your eyes. Instead of living in a dream of hell, you will create a new dream of personal dream from heaven. Don Miguel Ruiz is the international best-selling author of The Four Agreements (The Four Agreements Companion Book, The Mastery of Love, The Voice of Knowledge, The Circle of Fire and The Fifth Agreement. Ruiz`s teachings are best known for turning complex human issues into common sense, a talent that has earned him millions of fans and international recognition.

    Dreaming is the main function of the mind, and the mind dreams 24 hours a day. He dreams when the brain is awake, and he also dreams when the brain sleeps. The difference is that when the brain is awake, there is a material framework that makes things linear. When we go to sleep, we don`t have the frame, and the dream tends to change constantly. His best-known book, The Four Agreements, was published in 1997 and has sold about 10 million times in the United States[9] and has been translated into 46 languages. The book advocates the personal freedom of convictions and agreements we have made with ourselves and with others, which create use and unhappiness in our lives. [10] It was broadcast on the television show Oprah. [11] The four chords are: If we see that it is our agreements that dominate our lives and that we do not love the dream of our lives, we must change the chords. When we are finally ready to change our agreements, there will be four very powerful agreements that will help us break the agreements that come from fear and exhaust our energy. All humanity is in search of truth, justice and beauty. We are eternally searching for the truth because we believe only in the lies we have stored in our minds. We seek justice because in the belief system we have, there is no justice.

    We are looking for beauty because no matter how beautiful a person is, we do not believe that that person has beauty. We search and continue to search when everything is already in us. There is no truth. Everywhere we turn our heads, all we see is the truth, but with the chords and beliefs we have stored in our minds, we have no eyes for that truth. We don`t see the truth because we`re blind. What blinds us are all these false beliefs that we have in mind. We must be right and hurt others. We trust what we believe and our convictions prepare us for suffering. It`s as if we live in the middle of a fog that doesn`t let us see beyond our own nose. We live in a fog that is not even real. This fog is a dream, your personal dream to live, what you believe, all the concepts you have about who you are, all the agreements you have made with others, with yourself and even with God.