Southern Housing Group Tenancy Agreement


    The Housing Executive or housing company will not always accept an exchange. There are certain circumstances in which authorization may be refused. If you`re interested in an exchange, check out Homeswapper. This is a website that lists all the properties available for exchange in Northern Ireland and other parts of the UK. For more information on other housing options that are the purchase or partial purchase of a property, visit the help site. If they accept your application, the municipality or housing corporation may only make you an offer for a new home. Before accepting the rent transfer, find out about the rights you have under the new lease and how to change your current status. If you rent to a housing company and share a bathroom, living room, or kitchen with other people who are not part of your household, you could be an uncertain tenant. An uncertain lease agreement may be a license agreement rather than a lease. Your rights depend a lot on what is written in your contract, so be sure to keep a copy. Make sure you understand the effects of removing a rent transfer offer. Ask your boards or housing corporation what their policy is.

    If you`re not sure what to do, discuss your options with an independent consultant. If you have to leave the property for a while, for example. B because you have to go to the hospital or jail, you can apply for a housing allowance to cover the rent while you leave. If this is not possible, talk to one of our housing advisors who can help you keep your rental while being unable to live on the property. If you have an exclusive rental agreement and want to change it to a joint lease, we take into account requests from spouses and life partners or those who live together in a stable relationship as if they were spouses or life partners. You might expect a penalty if you turn down the offer and the municipality or housing corporation doesn`t think your reasons are good enough. This could mean that they may refuse to offer you other housing offers for six months or withdraw your priority status. If you are a 50+ homeowner and want some camaraderie and help with your daily chores at home to help you, or if you are 18+ years old and want to share with someone at home and offer support, you will find more information on the HomeShare site at If you disagree, who must have the lease, We recommend that you get advice in complete legal independence.. . .