Pet Sitting Service Agreement Contract


    4.4.3. In the two sub-pages described in point 4.4.1. and 4.4.2. This contract is deemed terminated unless the Sitter undertakes to pursue other care obligations and/or the care of other pets without any reduction in compensation. If you`re doing a business (including your pet seat or the dog you`re walking) – it`s incredibly important to keep all your “legal ducks” in a row. This means that you must have a strong service contract and be very vigilant for your customers to accept your terms. This list is not exhaustive, but it does contain an overview of the information you want to save in your pet seat contract. Each pet seat service is unique and your pet seat contract must be tailored to the specific services you offer and the specific rules and procedures that follow your pet seat shop. What is the easiest way to make sure this happens? A seat contract for pets. A quality pet seat contract is one of five steps to creating a successful pet seating business. Your company`s pet residency contract, also known as a service contract, should clearly clarify the services you provide, restrictions and important information about customer needs and home care. In order to save time and money, you may be tempted to download a free pet contract template or simply write your own based on the information you think you need.

    While the list of information you want to collect from customers is a good first step, remember that your pet seat contract is a legal document. Therefore, it is important that the contract used by your pet seating company complies with state and local laws. In combination with liability insurance, your residence contract is your best defense against possible claims against your company. It is worth investing the time and money to have your pet seat contract checked by a legal advisor to ensure that it meets the legal requirements of your jurisdiction. If you are starting to prepare a service contract for pets, here are six points you absolutely want to include: 3.3. The owner must confirm his return and availability to resume the care of the property and pets before or on the last day of this contract term, otherwise the Sitter may make additional visits for the benefit of pets. Pet Sitters International also offers a downloadable Pet Sitting Service contract package, which includes a contract for pet seating services, authorization to administer drug forms and a telephone booking contract. Pet profiling cards for different types of pets are also available.

    This document introduces relevant identification details, such as the names and addresses of the parties, as well as more detailed contact information, such as phone numbers and email addresses. Important features of services are also taken into account, such as date. B the date the services start, how long they will continue and what exactly they will be. Alternatively, you can simply print your contract and bring it to Meet-Greets for customers to sign, or use an electronic signature tool like DocuSign. The last big piece of your pet seat contract is the payment authorization form. In this form, you should give your customers clear instructions on how to pay their bills. If you need a credit card in the file and when you load that card for the customer, you should be very clear to explain this process to your customers.