Acq.3 Contract Agreement


    If an LCSP/AP/ASP is not required, the procuring entity is entitled to authorize contract durations of more than five years, unless the law limits otherwise. (1) Research enables basic, applied and advanced research projects. This status requires that the potential of a monitoring EO be assessed in advance and highlighted; This is a necessary condition for a suite production OT. Therefore, the call documents and the prototype OT agreement must indicate that a suite production EO is possible See AFI 65-118 for procedures for verifying and approving contracts awarded for supplies and services under non-doD contracts, either by direct or sustained acquisition. (d) 1. The contract agent must transmit to SAF/AQC the communication of the congress in 1279 format in MP5305.303 40 days before the scheduled award date to SAF/AQC, with a copy of information to SAF/FMBL, SAF/LLP and the SCO. . . .