What Is Project Cooperation Agreement


    (b) the right of each party and its associated undertakings to sublicinate the rights covered in the first paragraph in the context of normal third-party transactions, provided that each of these sublicensings is carried out by a written agreement or by some other legally equivalent method establishing the rights of the party or parties concerned, and the confidentiality of the protection information conferred on that third party , to protect. It should be remembered that the Finnish organisation, funded by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is fully responsible for the project and is accountable to the Ministry. The organization`s board of directors is responsible for the organization`s activities. The members of the Board of Directors are civilly and criminally responsible for any intentional or negligent acts. This could lead to liability or criminal sanctions. 2. Unless the parties unanimously set the procedures and timetables for the transmission of the software results generated by the project, to the extent previously agreed in writing and to the pre-agreed measure in writing, or within one year of the start of the project or, if not within a later period to be determined by mutual agreement. The right of each party and its associated companies to adapt, modify, convert, convert, translate and copy the results of the project (including, but not just the right to adapt them). However, the source code contained in the results of the software, which contains essential parts of existing know-how information, is not disclosed and no rights are granted for the use of such a source code of the software results, unless the parties concerned enter into a specific agreement for this purpose; the cooperation agreement is governed by both Finnish legislation and the binding legislation of the partner organisation`s country of origin. Contractual freedom gives the parties great flexibility, but agreements or conditions contrary to the law or good practice are prohibited. The agreement should be accompanied by a project plan with a budget.

    Option 3 With respect to section 4.1.1 of these provisions, the parties agree that their contributions to the project are not considered balanced. Favourable conditions may be set provided that the contracting parties can agree on a different provision between them.