Tru Faculty Agreement


    The Thompson Rivers University Faculty Association (TRUFA) and the Thompson Rivers University Board of Governors have officially ratified a new contract for some 900 unionized faculty members, covering the five-year period from April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2019. KAMLOOPS – Thompson Rivers University and the Thomson Rivers University Faculty Association (TRUFA) have reached an agreement that is consistent with the provincial government`s mandate for economic stability. “Our faculty members are at the heart of the university. The faculty and staff strive to create an attractive and supportive educational environment that fosters student success and excellence, both academically and professionally, as well as the creation of new knowledge for the benefit of all,” Shaver said in a statement to all TRU staff on Monday (February 15th). “During this negotiation process, we saw the need to continue the dialogue.” Approximately 900 faculty members are represented by TRUFA – a member of the Local Post-Secondary Students Federation 2 – and work in Kamloops and Williams Lake as teachers, consultants, librarians and teachers. According to a press release from the Ministry of Finance.C, the contract also includes negotiated adjustments to the compensation structure to attract and maintain high-performing faculties that provide teaching and research opportunities for students. According to a press release, the agreement was reached as part of the Von B.C. government`s negotiating mandate on sustainable services, focusing on improving services to individuals and ensuring fair and affordable compensation. The Thompson Rivers University Board of Governors (TRU) and the Tru Faculty Association (TRUFA) have ratified an agreement under the government`s negotiating mandate on sustainable services. The agreement covers approximately 650 trainers, librarians, consultants, education coordinators and learning specialists on the Kamloops and Williams Lake campuses. This is the last group of employees to reach an agreement with TRU.

    In September 2015, an agreement was reached with CUPE`s 400 members and an agreement with tru Opening Learning Faculty Association was ratified in January 2015. Read more about the rate updates here. Once the ratification processes are complete, further details of the agreement will be available. “I am pleased that the TRU Faculty Association and the TRU Board of Governors have ratified the interim agreement. Both negotiating committees have worked very long and hard in this process, and I thank them for their diligence in working towards an outcome that will benefit our students and serve as the basis for TRU`s progress,” said Alan Shaver, President of LA TRU and Vice-Chancellor. Currently, some 240,000 public sector workers are covered by interim or ratified agreements, concluded as part of B.C`s sustainable services negotiating mandate. The three-year contract runs until March 31, 2022 and is retroactive to April 1, 2019, with annual salary increases of 2 per cent over the life of the contract in accordance with the provincial government`s negotiating mandate for sustainable services. The mandate focuses on improving services to individuals and ensuring fair and affordable compensation. .

    More information Christopher Seguin Thompson Rivers University, Vice President Advancement 250-574-0474 .