Ed Agreement Naviance


    Early Decision (ED) is a binding agreement in which the student tells the university that he will go to that school after its adoption. It is a good choice if they know that school is the first choice. However, students can only apply to a school through this procedure. Because it is a binding agreement, the institution needs signatures from students, family and a school counsellor. Note: There will be an additional question (s) on this page if you are applying for the Civic Engagement Program at the College of Arts and Sciences or a Discovery program or if you have indicated that you wish to be considered for other options based on your interests and qualifications. The answers to these questions should also be kept at 250 words or less. See the question below on the qualification for non-fee. Once you have selected Syracuse University as one of your selected schools, it will be added to your dashboard. You will see that two elements need to be completed: the application and the writing requirements.

    The app contains: No. Syracuse University does not accept or verify these items if they are not necessary for the program for which you are applying. You should answer “no” to the question of whether you intend to submit a portfolio or an online audition. The Applicant Assistance Centre is a great resource with FAQs, video tutorials and access to technical assistance. Transfer applicants can refer to the transfer assistance centre. Yes, Syracuse exceeds both SAT and ACT. If you have done both tests several times, be sure to send the results of each test date. Syracuse University uses the common application to simplify the admissions process.

    Early notifications of approvals will begin at the end of December and continue until January. The majority of students who have applied for the regular decision will hear at the end of March. Transfer student notifications start in early April and continue to spend the summer each week. Applicants are informed by email. No no. You have to specify your preferred choice, the second choice is optional. You may not be eligible for your first choice, but you can still be considered for your second choice colleges/plan if the place remains. If you want to be considered only for a college/plan, choose it as your first choice and do not fill the second choice field. You can also indicate that you would like to be considered for other options that fit well with your academic qualifications and interests.