Air India Interline Baggage Agreement


    Under these conditions, it is also stated: “Additional free baggage applies for the online journey to domestic points in the United Kingdom, the United States and Europe, if it is in a single ticket.” Overweight of up to 2 kg of carry-on baggage is permitted on Air India flights, but paid for. If the carry-on baggage weighs more than 10 kg, it is not allowed in the cabin and must be carried as checked baggage. Weight overload on free carry-on baggage of 8 kg up to a maximum of 10 kg (including duty-free items) is calculated as follows: Overloaded baggage can be purchased in advance up to 6 hours before departure at AirIndias City Booking Offices (CTO), Airport Offices (ATO) and call centres. For international travel with Air India, over-baggage charges are charged based on distance on the parts or weights system: in case of damaged luggage, attempts are made to have it repaired. An appropriate replacement will be provided by the airline if your luggage is irreparably damaged. Note however that all signs of wear (for example. B small cuts, scratches, bumps, etc.) cannot be considered damage to your luggage. Air India assumes no responsibility for broken feet or wheels, broken handles, wrapped bags, manufacturer defects, etc. If your luggage has been irrevocably lost (delayed baggage could not be traced within 21 days from the pir PIR date), you can claim compensation. Air India sets the baggage limit for passengers on the basis of several criteria: first, the system on which the baggage limit is calculated (whether based on parts or weights), second, the destination country and, third, the travel class of each passenger.

    In the case of travel with Air India, only carry-on baggage can be carried in the passenger cabin. This individual baggage must not exceed the maximum weight and the following dimensions: “Do Air India and British Airways offer an internal baggage transfer?” or I think Air India is extremely inappropriate. Indeed, it is clearly written on their website that students travelling on a student visa can take “Free 1 additional piece to Europe interior points via Frankfurt/Paris/Rome/Milan , subject to an interline on the rates published non-stop on the itinerary) (maximum weight 23kg). Passengers travelling within India on Air India flights must pay an over-baggage fare of INR 500 per kilogram, plus the current GST. Once you have realized that your baggage is late or damaged on arrival, contact Air India staff immediately at the baggage service counter in the arrivals hall. Then you must complete a report on the irregularity of the property with a single reference number. Among the necessary details, you must provide a detailed description of the inventory of your luggage as well as the luggage themselves. But I worry because when I called Air India, they told me that the extra baggage was only valid as far away as Frankfurt. And when I called Lufthansa, they told me that if I had a check-in up to Warsaw, they would have no problem with the extra luggage. And yes, all three airlines are members of Star Allianz and Lufthansa is also an Interline partner of Air India. I`m 111 11th in Chennai. The road is Chennai – Delhi – Frankfurt – Warsaw.