Agreement Or Accordance


    “We have been and will continue to work to acquire the drugs in accordance with the law,” McNaughton said by email. Forced labour by women, according to socialist doctrines, would raise opposition to the new government. – participation in meetings, discussions and communications in Taiwan, Korea and the United States to discuss the prices of the TFT LCD panels; – agreed, during these meetings, discussions and communications, to calculate the prices of TFT LCD panels at certain pre-determined prices; – the offer of prices, in accordance with the agreements reached; There you go. Another interesting point to note is that Chalcidic types have often been made in custom batches, in accordance with the needs of the wearers. Of those he married, he asked for a superhuman innocence, in accordance with the Pentecostal teachings of the Assembly of God. For what it is worth, most of the authors seem to agree with me: according to the 990 contracts filed last week on the SEC`s EDGAR system. Geoffrey had been appointed archbishop of York, in accordance with the wish expressed by his father Henri on his deathbed. 2a. His behavior matched the smile on his face. 2b. His behavior matched the smile on his face.

    The problem was that I had grosso transferred my production in accordance with that. The old-time gentlemen always offer their arms, and it is and will be long, in accordance with the label, to do so. In #2, the Nominus “Recommendations” is not the source of the statement “John trains every day now.” The recommendations do not say, “John trains every day.” The recommendations recommended that Jean play sports every day. Here, the jeans action (to be exercised daily) corresponds to the recommendations. Their action is in accordance with the recommendations of his doctor. TEDx is the independent arm of TED, and local organizers around the world can organize such conversations in accordance with TED rules. In these cases, MTS reports that it clings indefinitely to film equipment, in accordance with national law, which encourages the maintenance of film equipment for at least two years. According to the order of work, we will meet on March 2. Under the agreement, he immediately took over the leadership and formally assumed the presidency after being the only candidate to run in the February 2012 presidential elections.

    By law, cyclists must wear a helmet. Agree is a transitive verb that requires an active agreement, not a passive state with which one agrees. If it says, “We have agreed” or “we agree,” it is after the fact that we actively agree.